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Are you a busy Managing Director? Are you toying with the idea of engaging
with other business leaders to share views, or consumers to gauge what they
are thinking? The most successful business leaders now use their personal
social media profiles to communicate their companies’ leadership and news
agendas. The PinkLemonMedia team can set up and run a social media
presence for you. We will work with you to establish your objectives and then
Conduct a discreet and effective presence for you, providing you with reports –
from nutshell reports to in-depth briefings.  

Here is an article written by Chris Perry, published in Forbes Online 29/05/2013

Attention CEOs:
Social media is now viewed as essential for leadership communications and
business intelligence, and more executives globally are getting with the program. 
Business leaders, formerly reluctant towards its usage, are being encouraged
to embrace it in rapidly increasing numbers.
According to research released in December by Weber Shandwick,
CEO  engagement saw a global increase from 36% in 2010 to 66% in
2012. Today, we released a new report that outlines the benefits and
expectations  of CEO social participation. Conducted in partnership with KRC
Research, we surveyed over 600 senior executives from 10 markets worldwide.
The research found that 76% of global executives say they want their CEO
to engage in social media, noting a wide-ranging list of benefits. At the top
of the list was improved ability to share company news and information,
a positive impact on company reputation, and the ability to communicate more
directly with employees, customers, and other key stakeholders.
In addition, employees at companies with social CEOs say that their leader’s
participation makes them feel inspired (52%) and technologically advanced (46%).

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