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Customer Experience
Your customers expect a consistent, positive experience throughout their
buying journey. Their encounter with your brand needs to be constant
across your website, traditional shop front, Social Media platform
and delivery.

Maximising Social Media
Social Media is an ideal way to build a relationship with your prospective
and existing customers. It can give you a channel to introduce, update,
inform and entertain your customers. More and more, customers also
see it as a tool to communicate with retailers. But Social Media can also
be used to anticipate future behaviour of your prospective customers.
By monitoring what is trending, when users respond best and what your
competitors are doing, our team can work with your marketing to tailor
your advertising, PR and website messages.  
It all starts with a conversation. 
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Seeing that price differentiation
and customer loyalty are not
the driving force we would wish,
we need to look at what else

Consumer Behaviour
We all do it. We use a variety of
channels before we make our
purchase, whether it’s that new
T V, the holiday, or insurance
renewal. Consumers increasingly
Research a product via one channel,
purchase it via another, and get
updates and a chance to give
feedback via yet another.

Brand Loyalty
A recent study by loyalty marketer’s association loyalty 360 revealed that 84%
of retailers use some form of loyalty strategy, but less  than
50% believe it’s working.